Your first visit
If this is your first time visiting us, please bring a copy of your Social Security card, as well as copies of the cards of any dependents you will be claiming on your tax return.

New dependents
If you have been with us before but need to add new dependents, please bring a copy of their Social Security card(s).

Direct deposit
If you would like your tax refund deposited directly to your checking account, please bring a voided blank check. The routing number and account number are on the bottom of the check.

Wait times
Wait times are based on client volume (we do not take appointments due to high volume), so please bring a good book to pass the time, or if you bring a laptop or tablet, please remember to bring and wear headphones as a courtesy to others, thank you!

We hope you enjoy your visit



Forms (please bring all that apply)
W-2 wages
W-2G gambling winnings
1098 mortgage interest
1098-T education tuition (if you went to college, you MUST bring this form)
1098-E student loans
1099-MISC self employment
1099-INT bank interest=
1099-B capital gains (cost basis, date of purchase, sold date, and amount sold/quantity are needed)
1099-G unemployment/refund from the state
1099-C cancelation of debt
1099-R retirement pension
1099-S gross proceeds from house being sold
Babysitter/Daycare information (address, phone number, SSN and/or Federal ID number, and amounts paid are needed)
Business expenses that are ordinary, necessary, and unreimbursed
K-1 cooperation summary/merchant card and 3rd party
Property tax forms
Rental expenses/income
Social security
Student loans